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1. Your unique linking code.  This is in the top right hand corner of the screen after you login.  You will need to use this in ALL your communications – in emails,  on your website or blog, in Facebook posts and Tweets.

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WHY? Because this is the way we will know that a new member has come from your recommendation (and therefore will allow us to pay you your commission).

So, remember: top right hand corner after you login – that’s where you’ll find your unique linking code, ok?

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Training Materials is the place we provide you with a range of tools you can use in your messages about Shop Your Wardrobe.  Check out the Training Materials when you first login, ok –  it’s worth spending a few minutes to see what’s in that section as it will likely be super useful to you as a new Affiliate.

The Training Materials also explains how to use some of the Marketing Materials, which is the next section in the left-hand menu.

Once you are familiar with the Training Materials, have a look at the Marketing Materials – click on all the links to see what’s there (Banners, Light Boxes, Text Ads, etc, etc) – we provide instructions on how to use these Marketing Materials in your messages.

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