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Tailouring your Self Care Routine

Self care and self kindness are critical when you are journeying back from any unhealthy or addictive behaviour, like a compulsion to overshop.  Many of us who have overshopped live with a constant hum of self-dislike or even self loathing – were we to be utterly honest with ourselves.  It’s one of the reasons that … Continue reading

The Difference Between A Good Idea and An Insight

I’m experimenting with and learning about happiness and discovering just how much I don’t know about the true source of happiness.  Life is far too short to be on a rollercoaster where sometimes you’re happy and a lot of the times you’re not, so I’m deliberately immersing myself in the landscape of happiness, to see … Continue reading

Dressing for Your Lifestyle, Part 1

I’ve been asked to write something about dressing, and finding a style, that suits your life/style.  The life/style you have now – not a past life/style, or a future or fantasy life/style. A wonderful topic, because one of the reasons I believe our wardrobes are stuffed to the gills with gear we aren’t wearing is because: … Continue reading

Dressing for your Lifestyle, Part 2

In the first part of this article, I shared with you some examples of how we can dress for a life/style we used to have – our past.  And how we can be filling our wardrobes up with items for a life/style we desire to have – an aspirational or fantasy future. All of which … Continue reading

16 Simple Truths About Happiness

  I have been studying happiness for a while. My motivation for focusing on and exploring happiness was being deeply and seemingly chronically unhappy. It’s hard to admit you’ve been unhappy for an extended period of time, but what that admission allowed me to do was to take a clear step into the landscape of … Continue reading

Nifty Notes [No.36]

Today’s Nifty Note: She’d finally become a savvy, conscious shopper!  She now shopped for everything this way: With a list On a budget Using cash To a timeframe Rested and relaxed Eyes wide open Tuned in Designed to inspire you to think about your shopping in a fresh light, each Nifty Note contains a thought-provoking, … Continue reading