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From Sloppy to Stylish When You Work From Home

Do you work from home? I do, and it can be so easy to slip into sloppy, or at least some version of VERY relaxed dressing. Working from home has meant that many of us have ditched the corporate attire and have surely and steadily moved down the style scale to a point where we can … Continue reading

Experiment – Don’t Assess

When you attempt to learn something new, or change a habit (either ridding yourself of a bad habit, or trying to institute a new good habit), the attitude you have makes all the difference in the world to how successful you’ll be, and what your experience will be like as you travel this new path. … Continue reading

Compulsive Shopping 101

It’s rare to find an exquisitely written post about the real emotional journey that is compulsive shopping. And that’s because it isn’t really a pretty journey.  It looks good – all those gorgeous bags with even more gorgeous contents can lead to a delusional sense that a lot of shopping, perhaps even too much shopping, … Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Woman

The other day I was skipping through the channels on TV when I caught the music channel.  k.d. lang was singing Hallelujah. I’d heard this song before of course, it’s a very evocative and beautiful song, and I love it and how it makes me feel when I hear it. But this time I noticed … Continue reading

10 Simple Truths About Making Mistakes

Mistakes. I’ve made a few. But unlike ole blue eyes in the classic song, unfortunately they haven’t been too few to mention. Here’s what I’ve learned about making mistakes. We all make mistakes. Yes, every single human on the planet has made mistakes of one kind or another. Big. Small. Catastrophic. Life ending. Microscopic. Forgettable. … Continue reading

Nifty Notes [No.30]

Today’s Nifty Note: Our purpose in life is to discover what we have to offer others – and to give it freely. If you have something to give – give it! This includes time, talents, emotions, thoughts, energy – and clothing! If you have clothes you’re not wearing, give them away. To inspire you to … Continue reading