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Notable Animal Print Moments in History

As anyone who has encountered me for 10 seconds or longer, I have a thing for animal prints – it’s my signature style, the grounding component of my daily look and I feel it gives me more than a dash of style every single day. Love it or loathe it, animal print is a fashion … Continue reading

Notable Animal Print Moments in History Part 2

  Animal print is my go-to style item. It brings vavoom and variety to everything from my workaday outfits to my styled-to-the-nines events. My long-standing fascination and love of animal print lead me to take a trip down memory lane and look at notable animal print moments from the 1940s through to the 1990s.   If … Continue reading

Leaving Space: An Approach to Wardrobe Gaps

When I was in my prime overshopping and not-so-conscious consumption days, I would often buy new items to fill a gap that didn’t yet exist in my wardrobe. Let me explain. If I noticed that one or two or a few of my turtleneck sweaters, say, were showing signs of wear, I would buy new ones … Continue reading

No Body Is Perfect

This video made me cry.  It touched something magical and vulnerable within me. The video was made by an organisation called Pro Infirmis, who work with those who are non able bodied (they call them disabled, a term that seems to be politically incorrect in many circles these days). This video shows the making of … Continue reading

10 Simple Truths About Shopping

I’ve learned a lot about shopping since I started focusing on it 5 years ago. Before that, it was always a part of my life, I just didn’t put any conscious thought or energy into understanding it, or my relationship to it. Here’s 10 things I’ve learned about shopping: Shopping fuels our economy. This is why … Continue reading

Nifty Notes [No.27]

Today’s Nifty Note: Oh what a glorious, blessed relief to finally understand! You don’t need more clothes or information to be stylish. You really don’t. You need more confidence. To inspire you to think about your shopping in a fresh light, each Nifty Note contains a thought-provoking, fun and/or quirky message and an original image (all … Continue reading