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Self Care – Sensing and Connecting

In a recent article about tailouring your self care routine, I proposed that the first step in creating and sustaining a self care routine is to determine what’s missing from your life and therefore what kind of self care you need. In this 3-part series, I’m going to take you through 3 kinds of self-care you might want to … Continue reading

Self Care – Resting and Rejuvenating

In the second in this 3-part series on creating more self care in your daily life, we’ll turn our attention to rest and rejuvenation.  And if you missed the first article in this series on sensing and connecting, you can catch up here. Self care is about daily wellbeing.  It’s not about what your wellbeing … Continue reading

Self Care – Inspiration and Exploration

In the final articles in this 3-part series on self care, we’ll explore the third type of self care you might be looking for – inspiration and exploration. And if you missed the second in this series on rest and rejuvenation, you can catch up here. Self care is a daily way to maintain wellness … Continue reading

Charity Store Shopping, Part 1

The only kind of stores I’m even vaguely interested these days are almost always the non-mainstream kinds.  And sometimes this means they aren’t even stores, but perhaps stalls at the local artisan market. Mainstream shopping environments like big department stores and women’s chain clothing stores usually hold no personal interest for me – I find their … Continue reading

Charity Store Shopping, Part 2

In Part 1 of this post, I shared with you my observations of charity store shopping, in the overall context of non-mainstream shopping. In this, the second and final part of this article, I’m going to share with you the pros and cons of this kind of shopping, and my top tips for making the … Continue reading

Stop Shopping, Stupid!

Sometimes you read an article written by someone you respect, who is a respected and established expert, and who puts their thoughts together so eloquently, that it truly makes you stop in your tracks. One such article is by Australian author, thought leader and educator, Clive Hamilton in a new and fabulous magazine called womankind.  … Continue reading

7 Simple Truths About Money

Ah, money. Even just the sight of it can interrupt our nervous system, can’t it? Perhaps your heart is beating faster, or your palms are starting to become clammy, just looking at the word money. Here’s 7 simple truths about money: Money – the concept and the reality – is a part of all of … Continue reading

Nifty Notes [No.29]

Today’s Nifty Note: She wanted to shout: “A wonderful, fulfilling and happy life isn’t found in the mall!”  Go read under a tree instead. To inspire you to think about your shopping in a fresh light, each Nifty Note contains a thought-provoking, fun and/or quirky message and an original image (all photographs taken by me). … Continue reading