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The Difference Between Personal and Signature Style

Personal style is of great interest to me.  Personal style is exactly that – personal to you.  Unique to you.  Nobody but you needs to see the beauty and magic in your personal style.  That’s one of its hallmarks.  And one of its beauties. Personal style is an inside job.  It’s something you create for … Continue reading

You Don’t Wear What You Can’t See, Part 1

I’m not a professional organiser, but I reckon I could be.  I’m naturally inclined toward structure, order, neatness and being generally tidy, and am fascinated by the art and science of organisation. And having an organised wardrobe was one of the essential ingredients that allowed me to shop my wardrobe for my year without clothes … Continue reading

You Don’t Wear What You Can’t See, Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, I shared some personal examples of an organised ‘shop your wardrobe’ closet (mine).  And why having an organised wardrobe is SO important (imperative actually) if you are to get the most out of your closet. In this article, the second and final of this series, I’m going to share … Continue reading

6 Simple Truths About Forgiveness

  I’ve been hurt. Wounded by the actions of others, as well as by my own. I’ve been bruised and battered, and left lying bleeding in the gutter. Haven’t we all? It’s easy, at least for some of us, to hang onto those wounded feelings. Which can all too easily turn into resentment and bitterness. … Continue reading

How Big Is Your Wardrobe?

US photographer Yassine El Mansouri created a fascinating project about people and their clothing.  He invited people to bring into his studio the contents of their entire wardrobes, and to photograph them surrounded by their clothing.   For some photos, he had to use a multi-storey crane to get far enough away from the subject, lying on the floor … Continue reading

Nifty Notes [No.33]

Today’s Nifty Note: A stylish friend advised her:  Go into your closet and find an item you love but haven’t worn in a long time.  Don’t worry if it’s “too good” or “too casual” or “too” anything else. Now: find a way to wear this loved-but-unworn item with other items in your closet over the … Continue reading