Do have any payment options for the My Year Without Clothes Shopping program such as a quarterly payment?

We did have a payment option of quarterly payments but after some time with it in place, and some further thought, we believed the program was better if we offered a single payment.  Why?  For two reasons.

Our philosophy.  The first reason we decided a single payment option was better is the philosophy behind the year-long program.

We want people to sign up and commit to the year-long program and not give themselves an easy ‘out’ to drop out of the program at any time.

Partial payment options, despite their other benefits,  offer that option of dropping out at any time.  And this is incongruent with our philosophy and approach of encouraging people to sign up for the full year, and to commit to that year.

The practicalities.  It is significantly easier on an administrative level, to offer one single payment option rather than a range of partial payment options.  When we offered partial payment options, all kinds of administrative hiccups would happen such as skipped payments, causing hassles to everyone.

And higher levels of administration required on our end to offer partial payments means a higher cost – we had to charge more to cover the administration required to offer partial payments.   So we are able to keep the cost of the program way down by offering a single full payment option.

So the short answer is, we don’t have payment options at this time for those two good reasons.

I always encourage people who are wanting to join to make sure it is a comfortable financial decision to take (which makes me a rarity in the online consumer world, where people are encouraged to buy quickly – even impulsively – without thinking about their purchase too much).

If this means saving up for a while to get the funds together to pay for this program, then I also support such a course of action.  Saving up for the program is actually highly congruent with the spirit and practice of the program.

The program offers exceptional value to you – it’s $297 for the entire year.  That is very accessible pricing for many people.  When weighing up the price of this program, you might also consider this:

It’ll pay for itself very quickly.  You’ll be saving a small fortune by not shopping, so your investment will pay for itself very quickly. For many, it will pay for itself in the first month, possibly even the first week. This program will pay you back in spades — the outlay you make to become a member will return to you ten- or twenty-fold in the savings that you’ll make as a result of participating. One of our members reports saving over $8000 so far – and she’s less than halfway through the program.

A true investment. This program is a true investment – you’ll receive strategies and tools you can use over and over again. The weekly material will give you a return on your investment for years to come.

Exceptional value. Each element of the program is worth the price of admission on its own! The Lessons, Resources and Bonuses are worth over $500 per month. Access to the members-only community and the support you will receive there is worth over $700 per month. The total value you have access to is over $1200 per month. That’s exceptional value. Making it an easy decision to join us.

World class curriculum, organised in an easy-to-access format. You’ll be receiving a world class curriculum created by leading experts. And the material will be delivered to you in a very accessible format, making this program oh so doable. Every single week, you receive a two-part tutorial, based on that month’s theme (remember the 12 themes over 12 months). Every week, you receive an injection of proven, actionable strategies. No overwhelm. No guilt that you’ve bought something and not used it.

Risk free first 30 days.  There’s a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. If you get to the end of Month One and you decide you don’t want to continue, we’ll refund your money – no questions asked, but comments welcome.

And there’s always the 6 week Conscious Clothes Shopping Mini Course which you might find a great place to start on your journey to more conscious consumption and a great sense of personal expression through your style.

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