Is there any personal contact during the program?

In the Members Only area you will have access to the weekly bulletin boards where you can ask a specific/personal question (as many as you like over the course of the 12 months). Here you can check-in and share what is happening for you (a great way to keep yourself accountable). You can also connect with others in this safe place to share what’s happening for you throughout your challenge.

The Members Only area is one of the ways you receive outstanding value from the program, as not only can you ask questions and receive support and encouragement, but I throw in extra tips and techniques there as well. It’s also a great place to share in the community of other women who are facing their shopping dragons by doing this challenge.

Doing the 12 month program with a friend is another way that you can build in accountability so that you actually take action and do the weekly exercises. Working through the program with a friend also provides an opportunity for mutual support and inspiration, in addition to the material you’re receiving via the weekly lessons and resources.

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