The Impact of Fast Fashion

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A short and impactful video describing how cheap styles that bring catwalk fashions to the masses in staggering short time periods (weeks – not months which was the timeframe for fashion cycles in previous years).

In an engaging, let’s-watch-it-again style, this video outlines just two impacts of fast fashion but they’re devastating:

1.  Excess – poor quality, mass produced stuff we’re not even sure we want or can ever wear, leading us as purchasers to have a disposable attitude toward the items we buy.

2.  The environment – 2million tonnes of waste of a year and about the same again in tossed out clothing (there’s that disposable attitude in action).  That’s a good reason to take a breathe and stop the intake.

And it ends on a positive note – one of the results arising from the increasing and worrying trend toward faster fashion has been the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan – 300 retailers have already signed on.


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    2 Responses to “The Impact of Fast Fashion”

    1. Debbie Roes says:

      I love this video, Jill, and posted it on my blog, too. It’s a great way to learn a lot in a very short time period, plus I love that it ends on a high note, as you mentioned. I think many people don’t know about the downside of “fast fashion.” When many people know better, they do better. Some won’t, but the ones who do make alternate choices CAN make a difference!

      • Jill Chivers says:

        hi Debbie – it’s a great little video, isn’t it? Sums up very quickly and in such an engaging visual style, what fast fashion is and how it’s affecting so many of us. Even though the message is serious, it doesn’t preach, which I also like.

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