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Stop looking for style in all the wrong places

So many of us have been caught in the cycle of shopping for more and more, but wearing less and less.  Our wardrobes are jam packed with items that we thought we wanted and needed… and yet we aren’t wearing a fraction of all we have.

We want to feel good about our shopping habits, about our wardrobes, about our finances, and about ourselves.  We want to feel that our lives are full and interesting and meaningful in our own terms.

But for so many of us, shopping more isn’t making us feel good.  At least it’s not making us feel good for longer than it takes to get home and hang up our new clothes in the closet, right next to the other clothes we had such high hopes of and then only wore once, or not at all.

We are looking for style in all the wrong places.

Style isn’t found in the mall.  Sure, you can find fashion in the mall, and you can find pieces you like, or even love.  Clothes, shoes, accessories – it’s all there to be purchased.  But those items won’t give you style.

Style is an “inside job”.

Style is about understanding who you are and how that can be expressed and informed by what you wear.  Style is developed, not purchased.  Style takes time, and style doesn’t need to be ‘updated’ every week, month or season.

Having lots of clothes doesn’t make you stylish.  I learned this from the program.  I also learned that I am enough and I don’t need more clothes to validate myself as a human being. – Francesca Tulk, Tasmania

Fast fashion vs. slow style: you can read more here about the real difference between fashion and style.

Introducing the My Year Without Clothes Shopping Program

I created My Year Without Clothes Shopping Program to help women who shop too much to stop, or at least cut down.  It’s a program for women who don’t know where to start or what to do to stop the cycle of unconscious shopping.

My Year Without Clothes Shopping is a way to stop searching for style in all the wrong places, and to bring you back home to yourself, to where style really lives.

I created the My Year Without Clothes Shopping Program for you.

Help for compulsive shoppers

The question is: How good do you feel about your shopping, yourself, your wardrobe and your finances right now?  Do you feel good about every shopping trip before, during and after you go shopping?

So many of us don’t feel good before, during or after we shop.  We are often triggered to go shopping — we’re seeking to fulfil an (often unconscious) emotional need or to fill that “I don’t want to miss out!” emotion that is so often provoked in the messages we receive.

And so many of us feel even worse after the shopping trip – we feel guilty, we feel embarrassed or ashamed, some of us feel greedy, and many of us end up confused and overwhelmed. Lamentations of  “Why did I buy all this stuff?! Now I’ve got it, I can’t imagine why I wanted it, and I’m fairly sure I don’t need it!” are common.  These are the items that languish, unused, unwanted and unloved in our closets. What a waste!

There is a better way.

There is a way to stop the cycle of unconscious shopping, and to feel great about yourself, your shopping, your wardrobe and your wallet.  There is a way to journey back to conscious clothes consumption.

And the good news is: I can help you get there.

The other important news is: It won’t happen overnight.  But it will happen if you take the right steps and get the right support.  I’m here to provide you with both.

I know that a Year Without Clothes Shopping works.  It creates real shifts in thinking, feeling and behaviour.  It creates a feeling of “I have enough.  I am enough.” – a real liberation from a compulsion to shop, and shop and shop.

That’s why I want you to experience it for yourself.  You can’t imagine what a year without clothes shopping is like – you can only experience it.

A year without clothes shopping can and should be fulfilling and even fun – if you have the right support and inspiration. The My Year Without Clothes Shopping makeover program provides that support and inspiration.

If you have been caught in the cycle of buying more and more, but are wearing less and less of what you bring home, this program is for you.

The average woman is wearing less than 30% of her wardrobe, leaving the remainder of her clothing hanging unworn and unloved – and costing her a fortune in unused items.

With many women spending between $2000 and $5000 a year on clothing, that’s a lot of money spent on clothing that’s never worn.  Less than $500 of a typical year’s worth of purchased clothing will ever be fully used.

Isn’t it time to stop the madness?  Isn’t it time to stop the constant intake of new items, and to start wearing more of what you have?

The My Year Without Clothes Shopping program will build your knowledge, skills and self-esteem from the ground up. You’ll feel better about the wardrobe you already have, you’ll feel better about your finances, and you’ll feel better about yourself as a conscious consumer.

You’ll master the techniques you need to understand what drives your spending, inform your buying choices, and create the wardrobe you want.

“When I first heard about My Year Without Clothes Shopping, I was $22,000 in debt and had nothing but a walk-in wardrobe of unused clothes to show for it. – Francesca Tulk, Tasmania

What are you spending right now on clothing, shoes, accessories and other appearance related items?  Is it hundreds every month? Perhaps its thousands?

Perhaps you don’t know what you are spending – you have no clear or accurate numbers on what your shopping is really costing you.  If this is you, you aren’t alone.

One of our 2014 members reports that she tracked her spending for 6 months prior to joining and was shocked to discover it was $17,000 – she was certain it was one-tenth of that. It was only through a process of honestly tracking her spending that she discovered what her true outgoings were.

That takes courage.  And the My Year Without Clothes Shopping program is the place to get non-judgemental and professional support to turn your shopping habits around so you spend money on the things you consciously choose to buy — and nothing else.

If you don’t know what is leaving your wallet in cash or plastic, take this year-long challenge as an opportunity to find out.

What you don’t know CAN hurt you, badly.  If you are bleeding money but don’t know where it’s going, now is the time to stop the vicious cycle and take control of your spending.

I would never have been able to do a year without clothes shopping without this program – the structure in the form of the weekly lessons and tutorials, and the support and connection in the Members Only area made this possible for me.– Barbara Beizer, Washington

My Year Without Clothes Shopping has a specific and deliberate design – one that addresses the six pieces of the clothes over-shopping puzzle. Read more about the 6 pieces of the overshopping puzzle by clicking here, or by watching the following video.

What will I learn?

During the 12 month program, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 reason that has been driving your compulsive shopping habits – and what you can do about it
  • The secret to tapping into the hidden magic in your wardrobe that most women don’t know about
  • How you can cut over 30% of your over-spending and not even notice it (zero ‘emotional cost’) – except in the money you save
  • The big secret to why you have that “I have nothing to wear!” feeling when you look in your wardrobe – and how to correct it so you never have to feel that way again
  • Over 45 strategies to look and feel stylish whilst also being in control of your shopping and your money
  • The 8-step, pain-free way to transform your love of and addiction to shopping into other things you will love even more
  • What your compulsive shopping habits are really costing you and proven ways you can end the insanity
  • How to simply and easily create over 50 completely new outfits – without spending a single cent
  • The hidden strategies and secrets for transforming a wardrobe of any size
  • How to circuit-break the not feeling good—shopping-to-feel-good—not feeling good again cycle that leaves you (and your wallet) feeling continuously empty
  • The fool-proof way of organising what you have – starting with the #1 secret that’ll have you dying to get into your wardrobe
  • How to stop spending your life – and start living it instead

Over 12 months, we’ll cover the building blocks of a working wardrobe and how to create your very own.

We’ll show you how to organise your working wardrobe, and help you build a new relationship to shopping so it suits your life, your body and your budget.

“The depth of this program blew me away.” – Tamara Shapiro, Colorada

What does the program cover?

Inspiration and practical ideas will be delivered fresh into your inbox every week. Every month has a theme, and you’ll be supported by the best and brightest in their field – this program covers everything you’ll need to transform your relationship to shopping.

This program has 12 rich and rewarding themes over 12 months. Below is an overview of each month and by clicking on this link, you can find more detail on what is included in each month of the program.

Month 1: Let’s set you up to succeed by getting you primed and prepared. We’ll lay the foundation from the emotional to the practical, so you’re feeling ready and revved up for the year ahead.

Month 2: Many women don’t make the most of what they have because they don’t know the secrets of how to mix’n’match like a pro. We’ll get you resourced up early on so you can create new combinations and get excited about what you’ve got.

Month 3: Personality dressing is our focus. We’ll cover the 4 main personality dressing styles, and how to identify your own. You’ll learn the secrets to overcoming that “I have nothing to wear!” feeling which include how to create a signature style and dress for every role you play.

For more information on what’s in Months 1 – 3, click here.

Month 4: Getting clear on the emotional drivers of your spending starts here. Getting rid of guilt and starting to unpack the other emotions that cloud your spending. Members of our fabulous faculty join us this month to give you the tools and the inspiration to move into more empowering and enlightened territory.

Month 5: Colour and style are our focus. Knowing what makes you look and feel your best means you’ll never make a wrong purchase ever again. Our phenomenal faculty make sure that every lesson is jam-packed with content you can use right away, and every Resource show you how.

Month 6: We’ll celebrate the enormous achievement of making the halfway point by celebrating YOU. We’ll learn how to transform our love of shopping into more long-lasting, life-affirming and soul-uplifting activities with timely input from our fabulous guest contributors.

For more information on what’s in Months 4 – 6, click here.

Month 7: Money, money, money is what we’re exploring this month. Our fabulous faculty cover the secret of what your shopping has really been costing you; and explore your relationship to money and how you can improve it, no matter what your history or balance sheet.

Month 8: We’ll explore the psychological drivers hidden beneath our over-spending which may have been unexplored for years, decades even. Our phenomenal faculty will guide us through this extraordinary territory – we’ll keep it inspirational and super useful.

Month 9: Our fabulous faculty will introduce us to new perspectives to smarter shopping, and reacquaint us with ways to freshen up our wardrobes without spending a fortune. We cover ways to transform a wardrobe of any size; swapping not shopping; and a ‘buying green’ guide that makes it oh-so-easy to look great and tread lightly when we go back to shopping.

For more information on what’s in Months 7 – 9, click here.

Month 10: Organising what you’ve got means you’ll wear more of what you’ve got. We get into the physical organization of your wardrobe and explore the emotional aspects of organising by introducing you to “enoughness”. We take tips from our fabulous faculty of professional organizers and talk practical packing.

Month 11: Our focus this month is on conscious shopping and setting you up to succeed for when you re-enter the land of the shopping.We cover options that take you beyond the mall, and give you the winning strategies that will keep you on the straight and narrow when your challenge finishes.

Month 12: With only weeks to go before you re-enter the land of the shopping, we set you up with a new set of habits and a fresh attitude. We’ll celebrate your successes and underline your learnings. You’ll feel inspired and ready to go ‘out there’ again.

For more information on what’s in Months 10 – 12, click here.

The program is set up so that every month you’ll be inspired with new ideas and gain practical skills you can start using immediately. For even more detail about what’s in each of the 12 months of the program, click here.

What should I expect when I join?

The following short video explains the program philosophy and what to expect when you join:

Why do I need this program?

Many people who attempt to break bad habits, no matter what they are — from losing weight to stopping smoking to addressing an over-shopping problem, fail.

Why? Because they make this #1 mistake: they don’t set themselves up to succeed because they think they can do it entirely on their own without any help.

Personal challenges are exactly that – they are personal to you and they are a challenge for you. If you could have addressed the situation on your own and using the resources you already have, you most likely would have.

All of us need help at times in our lives — we need guidance, support, inspiration, new information and resources, a helping hand.

If you have a problem with shopping too much for clothes and you are serious about creating healthier habits, set yourself up to succeed.  You need to put structures in place that give you the greatest chance to achieve your goal of getting your shopping back on track.

Jill has the ultimate street cred.” – Barbara Beizer, Washington

Many bad habits we have tried to break (or good ones we have tried to make) had no real chance of ever taking hold — because we never set ourselves up to succeed.

Success in these types of personal challenges isn’t a random event. There is an almost inevitable path to success, if you know what it is and you do the things that will take you there.

You increase significantly the odds of success when you get the right kind of guidance, support, resources and inspiration. And that’s what we provide here.

I know first hand how important it is to be supported during the shopping challenge equivalent of climbing Mt Everest.

Which is why I created these programs – to provide the support you need, to remove the random element that is almost always present when you set your sights too low (normally accompanied by a feeling of I’ll give it a try, rather than setting yourself on a path of success), and most importantly –  to drastically increase the odds of you succeeding in slaying your own shopping dragon.

How does it work?

This program has a very deliberate structure and flow to it.  It also has a specific format.  The purpose of the program’s structure and format is the same: to support you in creating a healthier relationship to your shopping, your wardrobe and your wallet by following a proven path to success.

  • The 12 month paid membership program is delivered completely online. So long as you have a computer and access to a printer, you can participate in this program.
  • Each week, you’ll receive a high quality tutorial, covering an aspect of that month’s topic in depth.  This tutorial comes in two parts – a Lesson and a Resource.
  • The weekly Lesson is delivered via email right into your inbox. It arrives the same day and time every week so you can plan for its arrival every week.
  • The corresponding weekly Resource is delivered via our members only area. You log into this private area (with your username and password, provided on registration) to retrieve the weekly Resource, which you can then save, download, print and use.
  • As part of your membership, you also receive access to the Members Only area where you can post questions, connect with others and receive support and encouragement anytime you need it throughout your year.

Jill explores all sides of the issue.  I found myself thinking a lot about each weekly lesson.  This program has a depth and sophistication of design that you don’t realise until you are doing it.” – Christine Martell, Oregon

If you have any further questions about how the program works, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

When do I start?

As soon as you sign up, you will secure your place on this program.  You’ll be taken through a quick and easy registration and payment process.  And your year without clothes shopping challenge will start within a few hours.

There are no set start times – your year without clothes shopping starts as soon as you register, pay and sign up.

More info on the best time to start this program on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

As soon as I heard about this program, I joined it.” – Dr Penelope Hooks, Texas

What does it cost?

The program is $297 for the year.  Yes, that’s the price for the entire year!

This is a premium program and we don’t know of any alternative to this program, anywhere in the world. We know who we’ve got lined up to provide the inspiration, ideas and practical support and we don’t think you’d be able to source them all in one spot, in one integrated program, like we have here – check out our phenomenal faculty here.

Now at a phenomenally low and easily accessible price, you can join this program and start the journey back to healthy shopping habits.

When I first started my year without clothes shopping (on December 15, 2009), I wish I’d had a program like this. I wish I’d had the structure and support that this program provides. I stumbled through and created more confusion than I needed to. I don’t want you to have that same experience, not when I can help.

“I cut my ‘browsing time’ in half.  I spent 80% less on clothes. I saved over $8000. I realised I don’t need to buy anything new to feel and look good.” – Barbara Beizer, Washington

The program

The program is delivered completely online:

  • You receive an inspirational weekly two-part tutorial based on that month’s theme.
  • You have immediate access to the Members Only area which contains the weekly bulletin boards where you can connect with others, post questions and updates, and receive support and encouragement.
  • If at any time during the first month you decide the program isn’t for you, we offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.  This is a no questions asked (but feedback welcome) guarantee, reassuring you that you’re in the right place.

“I have struggled with money and over-spending for years.  This program set me in the right direction.” – Tamara Shapiro, Colorado

Naturally you should only sign up for this program if you can afford it and comfortably pay for it.  If that means you have to set aside some funds every month for a few months to gather the funds together, then do that.

$297 ticket image

Still thinking about the price of this program? That’s okay – read on.

It’ll pay for itself very quickly

You’ll be saving a small fortune by not shopping, so your investment will pay for itself very quickly. For many of you, it will pay for itself in the first month, even the first week. This program will pay you back in spades — the outlay you make to become a member will return to you ten- or twenty-fold in the savings that you’ll make as a result of participating. One of our members reports saving over $8000 so far – and she’s less than halfway through the program.

A true investment

This program is a true investment – you’ll receive strategies and tools you can use over and over again. The weekly material will give you a return on your investment for years to come.

Exceptional value

Each element of the program is worth the price of admission on its own! The Lessons, Resources and Bonuses are worth over $500 per month. Access to the members-only community and the support you will receive there is worth over $700 per month.

The total value you have access to is over $1200 per month. That’s exceptional value. Making it an easy decision to join us.

World class curriculum, organised in an easy-to-access format

You’ll be receiving a world class curriculum created by leading experts. And the material will be delivered to you in a very accessible format, making this program oh so doable.

This isn’t a single downloadable info product, which can overwhelm you with the sheer volume of data, or can sit unopened, unread, unwatched, unlistened to and unactioned (we’ve read reports that over 95% of info products purchased are never fully used). We don’t want you to download our program then never use it. So we’ve set it up so that it’s easy to access, every single week.

Every single week, you receive a two-part tutorial, based on that month’s theme (remember the 12 themes over 12 months). Every week, you receive an injection of proven, actionable strategies. No overwhelm. No guilt that you’ve bought something and not used it.

Instead, you getdoable activities based on proven content. You receive extraordinary content every single week for a year, for a very ordinary price.

Risk free first 30 days

And yes, there’s a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. If you get to the end of Month One and you decide you don’t want to continue, we’ll refund your money – no questions asked, but comments welcome.

“The lessons seep into my consciousness.  What used to be a mystery – why someone looks good or how they are emphasizing their best qualities – I now understand and can do for myself.” – Christine Martell, Oregon

Yes, I’m ready to join!

Congratulations on your decision to sign up – we are delighted to have you join us!

You can join right now! The program is accessed immediately by a few clicks — as soon as you complete your payment and registration, your Year Without Clothes Shopping Program will begin.

Your first email will arrive within minutes and you’ll get instant access to the members only area.

Click on the button below to be taken to the registration and payment page.  You’re a click or two away from getting started on this extraordinary program!

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