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Don’t You Want Me Baby?

Greetings and welcome to blog #6. Not a lot happening at this time of year, is there? The week after Christmas, the days leading up to New Year’s. The Diva emailed me this week and used the word indolent to describe her and Terry’s approach to life at this time. So true – it’s an … Continue reading

Stimulate Me!

G’day and welcome to blog post #5. It’s a very toasty Tuesday here in Queensland, with only 34.5hours of shopping left until the stores close for Christmas. Not having been in a “proper shop” for a couple of weeks now, I found myself feeling more than usually stimulated by the fruit & veggie section of … Continue reading

Size Matters – Shopping Centre Envy

 So, here we are at blog posting #4 (if you’re just joining us, scroll to the bottom to read all that’s gone before, ahem, yes, cough, all 3 postings.). I met my bestie, Tara (that’s us, left) at Chermside Shopping Centre in Brisbane on Tuesday afternoon. Chermside is Australia’s 9th largest shopping centre with over … Continue reading

The Official Start

 Well, it’s Tuesday December 15 2009. The official start of the challenge. And this is Blog Posting #3 (for what’s happened earlier, scroll down to the bottom of the page and start reading upwards… in a strange quirk of technology, blog postings occur in reverse chronological order. If you already know this, then please roll … Continue reading

Challenge Accepted!

Most of you know that the way blog posts work is the most recent one is at the top, right? And if you want to know what things were said ‘in the beginning’, you have to start at the bottom, and scroll upward. It’s the internet’s version of Farsi. So, all that means is that … Continue reading

Do I Really Want To Do This?

Shopping My Closet: A Year With No Clothes Shopping. YIKES???? Really? I’m considering — I’m not yet committed — to starting a one year challenge. A challenge to not do any clothes shopping for one year. Starting December 15, 2009. Why?? This is blog #1 of this diary journal online thing and it may very … Continue reading

Shop Your Wardrobe Blog

This is the Shop Your Wardrobe blog where we talk shopping, consumption, fashion, style and everything in between.  Sign up here to be the first to read all about it, delivered direct to your Inbox. Subscribe Todayand get your free assessment: Are You Addicted to Shopping?and free report: The 12 Secrets to Less Shopping – More … Continue reading