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It’s a steamy Sunday here on Ozzieland, the last day of January 2010 (zing! did you hear that?? The month just went zipping by!) and we’re up to blog posting #14. I saw my friend Judy, aka the Diva of international proportions yesterday. We went to see the movie It’s Complicated together (and I must … Continue reading

What Thong?

Hiya and we’re up to blog #13. Lucky 13. Yesterday was Australia Day (January 26). This public holiday late in January often marks the end of the holiday period for many people – it’s definitely a back-to-work feeling after it (even if you’ve been back to work for weeks already). The photo here is not … Continue reading

Shopping is My Life. Really?

Welcome to blog #12. No I haven’t made a mistake — blog #11 has been deleted.  It’s a State secret as to why, but lemme just tell ya – it was for a good reason.  Not an awful lot to report although I have learned a new skill which I’ll tell you about in an … Continue reading

One Month Mark

G’day and welcome to blog posting #10. It being Friday, January 15 2010 and we are one month into the challenge… well, as the last thing I purchased was on December 4, it’s really been longer than that but the official figures say it’s one month in. I was reminded of the absurd tenuousness of … Continue reading

Print Me!

Hello from paradise and welcome to blog #9. It’s a glorious Sunday, January 10, and if the humidity would only drop a notch or two, I may be able to get some makeup on my face before it all liquifies and get some of the kinks out of my hair. (I said hair). It’s good … Continue reading

Rick Rack

Another day in paradise and it’s blog #8.  I intended to write this post yesterday but was feeling poorly. As my affliction was of my own creation, that only made things worse (who knew that 4 bottles of champagne, shared with 2 others over a 5 hour period could inflict such damage? Whatever else it … Continue reading

Mafia Stew

G’day earthlings! It’s blog #7. If you’ve missed an episode because you’ve been taking a holiday from your computer, whether it’s been a a denomination-driven vacation or otherwise, then feel free to scroll downward to read the scintillating posts covering controversial topics such as elastically challenged swimsuits and stimulating 4 inch animal print wedge heels. … Continue reading