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Temptation? What Temptation?

Greetings from blog #19. Slightly longer gap between this and the last post, due to my travels and attention being elsewhere. Namely on running a workshop for 9 fabulous people in Melbourne, and catching up with friends in Sydney and Melbourne. This included an evening of improvisation that my pal Cindy in Sydney invited me … Continue reading

Masked Man

 Welcome to the soup (reference to the weather here on the Steamy Coast (recently renamed from Sunshine Coast as it’s not living up to that name just now)) and also to Blog # 18. Am about to jump on a Jetstar flight to Sydney and beyond for the rest of the week…. the trip is … Continue reading

Bag It!

Happy Friday wherever you are and welcome to blog #17. My target is to blog a couple of times a week about this, and so far so good. This coming Monday will welcome the two month mark of the challenge, and so far, it’s been fairly good – I no complain. A few minor ups … Continue reading

Lying Low

Greetings and welcome to blog #16. It has been so steamy these last few days – raining, but the kind of rain that doesn’t cool things down, making things feel very steamy. What I imagine living in a soup would be like. So, here’s what I have to report, friends. Have been feeling a little … Continue reading

A Dab Hand with the Pliers

Blog #15. Here we are! It’s February 2.  I mentioned a couple of postings ago that I’d let you in on a new skill I have developed. Well, it’s an extension of an existing skill, one I have been developing for some time. And that is the design and creation of my own jewellery. The … Continue reading