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Howdie and here we are nearly at the end of March. One month into autumn and we have even had a few days that felt autumny. Not blisteringly hot is what I really mean. We’re up to blog #27 so we’re making good time, my fellow travellers. Lost, but making good time. So, what’s this … Continue reading


Greetings one and all and welcome to Blog #26. Today I’d like to talk about Desire. Desire. Not merely a streetcar or a cool song by U2 (or an “erotic masterpiece” by Luis Buenel, gawd, you’d need the extra strong stuff to watch that, wouldn’t you?). And does Marlon Brando, star of the original screen … Continue reading

Resist and Avoid (the Twin Towers to Defeat Temptation)

 G’day all and sundry. We are up to blog #25 and today, this gloriously ambiguous (weather-wise, at least) Sunday, I’d like to talk about Temptation, and ways in which it can be approached. I’ve been using Avoidance as my primary strategy for staying on the straight and narrow, shopping challenge wise that is. And it … Continue reading

Toddlers and Tiaras

Howdie and here we are at blog #24. Canya believe we’re just over 3 months into the challenge? I was reflecting on that the other day when I went into one of my favourite clothing stores on the Coast here, Zambezi, and they were having a (gasp!) s-a-l-e. Yikes! I got my gift voucher and … Continue reading


Greetings. This is blog #23 and today we’re talking about colour. Or color, depending on where you live in the world. By the way, has anyone noticed how lacking in punctuation skills I am? I do apologise to those readers who actually know about punctuation and find my lackadaisical (or is it more oblivious?) approach … Continue reading

International Womens Day

G’day and welcome to Blog #22. Today is International Women’s Day. Who knew huh? Well, nearly 300 women at the breakfast I attended sure did. My friend Peta (aren’t we gorgeous? And modest. That’s us, left, at the breakfast this morning) invited me to join her table, a perfect vantage point from which to view … Continue reading

The Allure of Pre Loved

  Greetings from a rather soggy Sunshine Coast. We have had rain for nearly one week now. When this happens, I feel so sorry for the holidaymakers whom I am imagining are holed up in some two-bedroom apartment, looking out of their sliding glass doors onto a small swimming pool accumulating on their balcony with … Continue reading

Three Kinds of Shoppers

Welcome to Blog #20…. My average seems to be slipping — reckon it has something to do with the Waiting for Inspiration that amateur writers might be stricken with. This is just me hallucinating, but I wonder if that’s the thing that separates professionals from rank amateurs — professionals like inspiration, they prefer to have … Continue reading