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Near Misses and Misplaced Fear

 Hello, g’day and kia ora on a crisp autumn morning here in Auckland. We are up to blog #35 and today I’d like to share what’s happened this week on the shopping challenge. Being away from home has a way of helping shift your perspective and see things differently. There’s something about the surroundings being … Continue reading

Auckland: City of Sales

 Kia Ora, which is hello in the Maori language. How international is that? Welcome to post #34, coming to you from Auckland, the “city of sails”, or as I’m referring to it, the city of “sales”. Same thing, right? Why I’m worried. I’m worried, people. And it’s because: last year, most of my clothing (and … Continue reading

Pack it Baby!

Here we are post #33. I’ve taken a short break from my headless chicken impersonation (which I am quite good at) to write this post. We leave on Saturday for a month in New Zealand, and between now and then there seems to be an endless number of tasks to complete. Listing! And not to … Continue reading

Mix N Match

Hello and welcome to  blog #32. I’m 5 days away from leaving on a month-long trip to New Zealand and so my mind has wandered to packing and putting outfits together. I’ll post later this week on the joy and pain of packing – there’s something to look forward to, huh? Today I’ll focus on … Continue reading

Four Months!

Greetings! It is a gorgeous autumn day here in Queensland. And today is officially the 4 month mark of the challenge. Howzat – one third of the way through, and only a few scratches and bruises as markers of the journey thus far! This is blog #31 and that really is me inside my wardrobe … Continue reading

Must Have’s

Mornin‘ pardners and here we are blog #30. I can’t quite believe I have written thirty blog postings in the last 4 months, but the facts don’t lie sistah. When I’m not writhing in pain about the wisdom of starting and vagaries in succeeding in an online business, I have been reflecting on what I’m … Continue reading

Damaged Damages

Welcome to Blog #29, and the first Wednesday after Easter.  How did you spend Easter? Ours was bookended by social activities – a picnic on Friday and a rather liquid lunch on Monday (recovery yesterday was on the 6-aspirin scale). In between those culinary and social delights, many quality hours were spent in a supine position on … Continue reading

Kasey and Lyle

 G’day from the first day of four days of public holidays where the shops are closed in an odd sequence (open Fridays, closed Saturday from 2.23pm, closed Sunday until 6pm, open Monday from 11 – 3.15pm). I never quite know how those things are worked out but I reckon it has something to do with … Continue reading