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It’s Art

 Hello lovely readers and welcome to blog #44. I’ve just found out that Blogger (the good people who provide the software so I can bring this blog to you for free) have this thing called Blogs of Note. As far as I can tell, it’s a way of bringing attention to blogs that are, er, … Continue reading

What Do Clothes Mean? Do Clothes Matter?

 Hello and welcome to blog #43. We are deep in Autumn here in Australia and it is simply glorious! Days have just enough crispness in them to make layering necessary but are not too anything — cool or warm, wet, dry, sunny, cloudy, windy, mountainous. In blog #28 (Lyle and Kasey) back in early April, … Continue reading

Unpack Me!

G’day from blog #42. We got home from New Zealand on Saturday. I reckoned that if there was a bridge from Auckland to Brisbane, it would have been quicker to drive. All that airporting just soaks up the hours, doesn’t it? You practically need a packed lunch to get through security and customs alone. By … Continue reading

Not Quite New Shopping

Welcome to blog #41. This blog is now officially older than me. It’s also our last full day in New Zealand and the city is obviously grieving for our imminent departure as the skies have opened and the downpour hasn’t stopped all day. Today I’d like to talk about the different kind of “not quite … Continue reading

Just Looking!

G’day and thanks for joining us here at blog #40. I’ve just passed the 5 month mark and things are tracking well. As far as I can tell anyway! This photo was taken recently and it has summed up my approach to almost all the “shopping” I’ve done lately (well, except shopping done in grocery … Continue reading

Deco-dant Style

Greetings from Napier, the Art Deco capital of the world! We are up to blog #39 and thanks for reading. Napier is on the east coast of the north island of New Zealand and has a reputation the world over for ‘doing deco’. After the 1931 earthquake, the city was rebuilt by three architects (and … Continue reading

What’s In and Why

G’day and welcome to blog #38. We’re back in Auckland after a weekend trip to Gisborne. As part of my new stay-a-while, cafe-enjoying, people-watching mode, I’ve found myself reading more magazines than usual in the last few weeks. Cafes seem to stockpile them. What’s caught my eye has been the fashion pieces that appear in … Continue reading


Well, we’re up to blog #37 and it’s great to have you with us! This week I had the extraordinary experience of being on New Zealand’s premier early morning TV show. They’ve called it Breakfast – where do they come up with these names? (the show after it is called Good Morning – I mean, … Continue reading

Going In

Hello and welcome to blog #36. On the weekend, we were out and about in Auckland, gorgeous place that it is (see photo left – taken on ferry from Devonport – is that a gorgeous city or what?). Cafes, boutiques, groovy bars with attractive people sitting outside, sunshine, families, mostly well behaved children – this … Continue reading