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Boring Shopping

 Today we’re up to post #50. Seems like an auspicious number of posts, doesn’t it? I’ve been posting on average twice a week for six months, which is a fair whack of words to churn out on a regular basis. Some of them are even worth reading.You know, when I’m working a regular week from … Continue reading

Command Performance – TVNZ Good Morning

G’day and welcome to post #49. I’m just over 6 months into the challenge and am feeling like I have hit an easy patch at the moment. Staying away from the shops is easy, keeping my fingers off my Visa card is easy, keeping away from online temptations is easy. It feels easy right now. … Continue reading

Go Shoppa!

 Greetings and welcome to post #48. My average has slipped the last couple of weeks, I know. Up until early June, I’d been blogging here twice a week. And then, bam!, all of a sudden, only one post a week. What happened? NZTV. Well, Wellington happened mainly. I was invited to go back to New … Continue reading

Halfway! Marking Six Months

Greetings and welcome to post #47! If this is your first visit to Shopping my Wardrobe, a special welcome to you today. For the new visitor, you might find a quick tour around some of our most popular articles helpful…. last week’s posting shows you where you might like to stop off for a quick … Continue reading

A Quick Review – We Are HERE

Hi there good readers of this blog. Thank you for stopping by. This is post #46 – we’re really chalking them up, aren’t we? This week, I’m going to do a quick review of some of the favourite posts from the last six months — that’s how long I’ve been at this blogging thing and … Continue reading

Recycled – Buy It Here!

Hello and welcome to the most glorious Friday morning. We are up to post #45 and today I’d like to talk about recycled clothing. I arrived early to meet a girlfriend for a coffee the other day and got browsing through a home/interiors magazine. Just love those – even the old ones are fun!  Recycling … Continue reading