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Shop your Wardrobe: A Working Definition

 A hearty Friday hello to you. Our weather has been having rather wild mood swings of late. Rainy and overcast in the mornings, brilliant sunshine by late morning, cloudy and menacing by dusk. I thought that kind of cantankerous climate only happened in Melbourne. Or Toronto. So, here we all are at blog #59. A … Continue reading

Breakthrough – Relief!

Greetings and welcome to blog #58. I had a breakthrough recently. Don’t you just love it when people have breakthroughs? I do. A breakthrough implies that someone has come through adversity. That they’ve been in the mire, prone, prostrate, miserable, stuck, eating worms. It’s been HORRIBLE for them. And now – ahhh – the sun … Continue reading

5 Things I’d Tell You

 G’day and welcome to blog #57. Being 7 months into the challenge, it’s probably a good time for me to deliver some pearls. Not the freshwater kind, mind, but the wisdom kind. Surely I’ve learned something that can be distilled in 5 neatly organised points, right? So, let’s imagine we were sitting together over a … Continue reading

Same Same but New Somehow

  hi there and welcome to blog #56. You know, one of the things that I have so enjoyed about the challenge is a feeling of rediscovery about my existing clothes. Knowing that there are no new friends to be joining the team of wardrobe dwellers this 12 months, has somehow translated into me feeling … Continue reading

Exit Here – Via Your Visa

  Crikey – get a look at that! G’day and welcome to blog #55. Yesterday we went to Australia Zoo with 9 year old nephew, Thomas, who’s really into the natural world and animals in particular, and reptiles in particular-particular. Want to know about the different types of feet that various types of geckos have? … Continue reading

New Old Shoes

 Greetings and welcome to a beautiful mid Winter day here on the Sunshine Coast. It is a balmy 18 degrees Celsius, the sun is shining and wait – is that a bird I hear singing? This must be paradise. We’re up to blog #54. On Sunday I received a new pair of shoes. WAIT! Before … Continue reading

More Not Quite New – Clothes Exchanges

 Howdie all and welcome to blog #53. Most of you know that I started writing this blog in December 2009 as a way of chronicling my journey and expressing the thoughts and feelings that I experienced as I undertook to have my year without clothes shopping.Sometimes I talk about the emotional side of that ride … Continue reading

The Princess Bride

Hello and welcome to post #52. I haven’t posted on a Wednesday in a while, so this week seemed a good time to do it. So, I’m going to go a little metaphorical with this post. Hope that’s ok with you. It’s because I have to, you see. Because something is happening for me. Within … Continue reading

Emotions go shopping

Howdie and here we are at blog #51. You know, dear reader, I’ve been having something of a tough week. Emotionally speaking now. Fed up with this, frustrated with that, fumbling around and fuming about something else. All those Ffffeelings, huh? Yes. I’m a believer in feelings. They exist. They affect us. Some of us … Continue reading