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Airport Security

Greetings dear reader to a confused Sunday here. We’ve had sunshine, we’ve had showers, I’m expecting a windstorm at any moment. It’s like a James Taylor song. We’re up to blog #67 today. I’d like to chat today about the impact that airport security has had on the fashion world. Well, not so much the … Continue reading

Hoodwnked: A Trinket Economy

 Greetings from the deepest of August days. Here we are at blog #66. I’ve been reading this fascinating book, Hoodwinked. It’s written by John Perkins who is a self-confessed Economic Hit Man. Apparently, that was a real job (could still be one for all we know — it’s shrouded in mystery, the economic hit man … Continue reading

Only 6 Items

 Greetings and welcome to #65, dear readers. I’m back in the land of sunshine, although sunshine is in scant supply on this overcast Friday. We’re in the home stretch of winter here so I should make the most of the shorter days and lower temperatures. We’re also heading into voting weekend here in Australia. Who … Continue reading

Too Cool

  Welcome and greetings from a brisk 6 degrees in Melbourne. We’re up to blog #64 and in a recent weekend magazine piece, the fashion editor was talking about fashion trends. It struck me as being a particularly fascinating and perhaps over-looked perspective about this thing called fashion. She was talking about the early-adopters of … Continue reading

8 Months!

 Hello and welcome from a chilly Melbourne to blog #63. Today is the official Month 8 mark of the challenge. I think I’m getting into the swing of it now…. I love coming to Melbourne. Apart from the very shallow reasons of I get to wear my winter boots and overcoats for longer than 10 … Continue reading

Conscious Shopping

Well it’s a rather dreary looking Tuesday morning here in the Sunshine State. I’m off to Melbourne in a few short hours and have stopped by here to give you blog #62. Today I thought we’d chat a bit about Conscious Shopping. What is it? Well, many things probably. Well, at least two. Their definition … Continue reading

Skinny Jeans and Poor Service

Hello dear reader and welcome to a glorious winter Friday. Here we are at blog #61. This week, my friend Ange was telling me about a shopping experience she had. It boggled my brain so much, I asked her if I could tell you about it. “Sure”, she said. So here it is. Ange wanted … Continue reading

12 Months Without – what?

Hi there and welcome to blog #60. If you are new here, it’s great to see you and I hope you’ll stick around and have a look at what I’ve been up to. This blog is written diary-style, I write on whatever’s on my mind when fingers hit the keyboard, and on a variety of … Continue reading