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I’m Ready for My Close Up!

Summer is in the wings – you can feel it…. won’t be long now and we’ll be whinging about how blinkingly hot it is around here.  But for today, lucky post #75, we’re in heaven.  Today I’d like to reflect on my experience of being on Channel 7’s Today Tonight show. I’ve been lucky enough to … Continue reading

National Swap Day

Welcome to blog #74. Today is a positively glorious spring day here in Queensland.  One of those days that promises summer in the most enticing of ways.  It’s also a four-load wash day for me, so that’s another very practical reason I’m so grateful for the sun being out today.  It’ll all dry. It’s been … Continue reading

Dressing for Your Life

Hello and welcome to a schizophrenic Wednesday here in now-it’s-sunny-no-wait!-now-it’s-raining Queensland.  I feel sorry for the people who are here on the Sunshine Coast on school holidays – they’ve come for a week in the sun, and they get showers instead.  Coulda just stayed in Melbourne for that, right?  (oooh, skating close to the edge … Continue reading

Am I Not Pretty Enough?

Greetings dear readers and welcome to blog #72!  We have a delightfully overcast Sunday here in not-so-sunny Queensland this morning.  You know, I’ve been talking to a few people about the emotional reasons we shop.  And I’ve been learning some great things from them. Lulled. I was emailing with my  friend Valery about the allure of shopping … Continue reading

The Impact of Gruen

Hello and welcome to blog #71!  This is the first posting I’m writing from our new home here.  Nice, isn’t it?  I particularly like the colours and the floor coverings.  We’ll be doing more work on the site over the next few weeks, so expect to see some improvements. Today I’d like to talk about … Continue reading

Sydney Style

 Hello and welcome to blog #70! It’s a glorious Sunday and I’ve just gotten home from being in Sydney for the last few days. Gotta love that city! It is Australia’s edgiest and paciest city – I think I can say that without fear of too much heated debate. Sydney is a bit of a siren … Continue reading

Dressing for the Many Me’s

   G’day and welcome to blog #69. Exactly ten blog posts ago, in the oft-referenced blog #59, I gave a working definition for the term Shop your Wardrobe. I talked then about how you didn’t have to be a world-class thinker like Carl Jung to know that people come in all kinds of personality packages. … Continue reading

No Stockists Page Required!

A hail and hearty hello from deepest Wednesday, dear reader! We’re up to blog #68 and today I’d like to talk to you about something that I’ve been pondering for some time. Fashion magazines. Sigh! Love ’em. Loathe ’em. They both inspire and infuriate. Raise and lower self-esteem. They’re a conundrum. Wrapped in a riddle. … Continue reading