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Mother & Child: Clothes and Character

Hello!  Welcome to a glorious last-week-of-November (the only one we’ll have all year), and to blog #93… Counting them down now, aren’t we?  I have 15 days left in my year without clothes shopping challenge.  Canya believe it?  It has a slightly unreal feeling to it.  A year is a long time to challenge yourself. … Continue reading

Shape and Style

Hello and welcome to blog #92… Way back in July, I posted a working definition of “shop your wardrobe”.  I talked then about the building blocks of a truly working wardrobe.  These building blocks are: colour — knowing what colours bring out your best — physically and emotionally  (we explore this in detail in Month … Continue reading

Wearing Woody

Greetings!  And welcome to blog #91.  Am writing to you from the glorious Sunshine Coast in Queensland, aka “home”.  Yes, we made it home in one piece, than you V Australia, on Friday.   We were 5 weeks in the USA and what a trip!  Covered a lot of territory – Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, New … Continue reading

Just Gotta Be ….Me

Hello lovelies!  And welcome to blog #90….. we’re racking up these blog postings – I can feel lucky #100 coming up, can’t you?  Just over 3 weeks of my year without clothes shopping to go.  Bring it on! The TV show Modern Family has skyrocketed into success after only one season.  The three interwoven storylines … Continue reading

One Month To Go

Hello and here we are at blog posting #89.  It is also exactly one month until this challenge finishes for me.  I can scarecely believe it!  In four short weeks, I’ll be finished with this particular challenge and be free to shop again for clothes and related items.  I can’t quite work out what I’m … Continue reading

No Shopping Required – San Francisco Days

hi there and welcome to blog #88.  I’ve talked before about my pattern of shopping when I’m travelling.  Something about being in another country, city, suburb… has encouraged me to shop.  I’ve convinced myself that it’s been a unique and interesting way to get to know a new place. You know that story, right?  If … Continue reading

Leaving Los Angeles

Greetings and welcome to blog #87.  Los Angeles is a fascinating place.  It has great weather, industrial strength fog and more freeways than you can poke a stick at.  I fear I may not have seen the best that LA has to offer – freeways not tending to grace the pages of too many tourist … Continue reading


G’day and welcome to post #86.  We’ve just arrived in Los Angeles, a city I haven’t quite gotten the hang of.  We’ve got a few days to explore it before heading north, so I hope to be able to report that I’m ‘gettin’ it’ a bit more in a couple of days. You know I’ve … Continue reading

Love, Loss and What I Wore

Hello from our last day in beautiful Seattle!  What is that I see out my window — is that sunshine?  Yes, Seattle does have rain – no news flash there.  It also has plenty of other beautiful weather patterns as well as we discovered yesterday in the Pike Place Market. We are up to blog #85 … Continue reading

Shopping and the City

Hello and welcome to blog #84.  Fresh back from New York City, I have much to share… Now that I’ve had a vitamin B shot and 18 straight hours of sleep to recover from those 48 hours in the city, I’m able to put fingers to keyboard and stamp out something vaguely coherent.  I think. … Continue reading