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Make 2011 Your Year to Shop Your Wardrobe

G’day and welcome to blog #100 of My Story.  This is my last blog posting under this format.  Next year, things will change around here.  The focus of the blog will be different, I won’t be numbering the posts, or finishing every one with “Right?” like I have for every single one of these 100 … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from My Year Without Clothes Shopping

Wednesday marked the conclusion of My Year Without Clothes Shopping.  A year doing anything gives you a lot of opportunity to learn a lot of things.  You don’t have to learn them, of course.  You can drift along, following the rules on paper but not letting it really sink in.  I didn’t want that to … Continue reading

The Challenge Finishes!

G’day and welcome to blog posting #98.  Today, My Year Without Clothes Shopping finishes.  It was one year to the day that I started the challenge, which I rather inexpertly blogged about but at least I started on the right foot – by starting.  Every day has led me inexorably to this day.  Amazing how that … Continue reading

What is a Shopaholic?

Greetings and welcome to blog #97 on an overcast and drizzly Sunday morning.  Over the weekend, I was interviewed by the sublime Phil Smith from ABC Brisbane.  This interview came out of the on-air conversation I had with Richard Aedy on Tuesday on the “Life Matters” show (which you can listen to by clicking here).  … Continue reading

Bespoke Me

Hello there and welcome to the soup.  It is so humid here right now, my hair is turning into an afro all of its own accord.  We’re up to blog #96 today, and something kinda exciting happened just today. Our website, this a-here-one that you are reading the blog page of right now, has won … Continue reading

What Suits Me?

Hello from a very soggy Sunshine Coast!  We’re up to blog #95.  Today I was talking to a woman about the challenge.  It comes up in conversation, you know?  Especially as now I have only 9 days to go until I’m finished.  This woman, Fran, was saying that she doesn’t enjoy shopping.  I’ve discovered what a … Continue reading

Shopping Spree on December 16?

Hello and welcome to a beautiful Friday.  We’ve had some rainy weather here so it’s nice to see the sun peeking through this morning.  I suspect it will not last, so I best make hay.  Ok, we’re up to blog #94, and today I’d like to talk about what’s going to happen after I finish … Continue reading