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If You Don’t Love It, Leave it Alone

  Welcome to another profile of a fabulous woman who has slain her shopping dragon. This week we welcome Australian author Neradine Tisaj to the Shop Your Wardrobe blog.  Neradine and I caught up recently and here’s the skinny on what we talked about. What your shopping issue was about? I first became aware of it when I applied … Continue reading

Shopping to Ease the Pain

Avis Cardella This week we welcome Avis Cardella.  Whom we were fortunate enough to have as a guest writer here on thisee-here blog not so long ago (if you missed her post, click here to catch up). Avis knows a thing or two about shopping dragons.  And the slaying therewith.  I put a handful of … Continue reading

Is There Life Outside the Mall?

This is the first of our Profile pieces for the 2011 blog.  We have some amazing women lined up to talk to this year – women who have slain their shopping dragon or are in the process of doing it.  Throughout the year, we’ll learn a lot from these wonderful women – what they discovered in … Continue reading