Shopping, Clothes and Emotions

Does Size Matter?

Many women worry about the size in the label of the clothing they buy, and have in their wardrobes. It’s like the size on the labels of our clothing is some kind of report card.  The bigger the number, the lower our score. I’ve asked women at workshops, on social media, and at bubbly lunches … Continue reading


People let us down.  Things don’t happen the way we wanted them to.  Events get cancelled, not enough people turn up, a friend cancels or does something we didn’t expect and don’t like.  Our boss offers the promotion to someone else, our business falters, our partner lets us down. We end up with less of what … Continue reading

My Way of Dealing with Shopping Addiction

I’ve met so many women — hundreds now — who have struggled or are struggling with an overshopping issue. Through our year-long program I have also learned a lot about the daily struggles many women who overshop are facing when it comes to the deeper issues to do with money (almost always a tricky topic when … Continue reading

The Power of Fear

Fear comes up in an over-shopping context a lot.  It’s one of the drivers of over- and compuslive shopping, and it’s one of the most common emotions that women who are grapping with their own shopping dragons face. We fear that we can’t change – that our shopping habits are too big, too entrenched, too … Continue reading

Don’t Go Shopping (Just Yet)!

Dr Adam Fraser is an interesting man doing interesting things.  He’s a peak performance coach, which means he helps people dig deep and do more than they thought they could.  He’s a researcher and writer, working in conjunction with an Australian university to understand how the simple things make a profound impact in our daily … Continue reading

How Does THIS Make You Feel?

I’m a big believer in wearing clothing that makes you feel great.  The ideal scenario is clothing that makes you both look and feel great, but so often we subordinate the feeling great piece to the looking great part (or if you’re the reverse, then it can be an interesting experiment to put looking good … Continue reading

Defining Moments and Powerful Choices

We all have moments in our lives when a choice presented itself.  You could choose Door A and all it brings.  You could choose Door B and face those consequences. Some of us were lucky enough to recognise that moment, to see the fork in the road where more than one path was open to … Continue reading

Shopping And The Six Human Needs Part 2

What drives human behaviour?  Why do we behave the way we do?  What ‘sits beneath’ our behaviour?  If we don’t understand what drives our own behaviour, and that of others, it’s almost impossible to change or influence that behaviour. Whether you’re a boss, a marketer or a parent (to mention only a small handful of … Continue reading

Shopping And The Six Human Needs

What drives human behaviour has long fascinated us – everyone from philosophers, writers, therapists, politicians, comedians, coaches, bosses, parents, spouses, marketers, business owners have been intrigued by what makes people behave the way they do.  In fact, it’s hard to think of a field of human endeavour where some understanding of what drives human behaviour isn’t … Continue reading

The Three Stages of Conscious Shopping

In this video post, Imogen Lamport, my friend and colleague, discuss conscious shopping . I meet many women who want to shop better, shop smarter, and shop with less hassle.  They want to feel good about the shopping they choose to do. In this video we discuss what conscious shopping is, the three stages of … Continue reading