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My Life After MYWCS

So you’ve finished a Year Without Clothes Shopping – good for you! What a remarkable achievement! I remember all too well the waves of emotion I experienced on December 15, 2010 – the day I finished my year without clothes shopping.

Some of you may feel you want or need some form of ongoing support, at least for a few months, after finishing such an important and life-changing journey. If this is the case for you, then we have a program just for you.

My Life After MYWCS is a 6-month program that will provide you with support and shots of inspiration every week, themed specifically around MYWCS. You will receive a weekly email on key concepts, complete with thought provokers and action prompters.

My Life After MYWCS is about conscious living and spending. It is about helping you embed the concepts covered from MYWCS, as, let’s face it – we covered a large landscape of content during our year together! It’s amazing how much more there is to learn about a topic when you look at it with fresh eyes.

My Life After MYWCS is specifically geared to give you extra mileage from MYWCS. We return to key topics from MYWCS but we approach it from a new perspective – one that has you exploring and taking away new things.

My Life After MYWCS is a 6 month course where you receive:

  • A short weekly note, fresh into your Inbox, that guides, refreshes and inspires you to live and spend consciously – themed around MYWCS concepts
  • Continued access to the Member Only area of the Shop Your Wardrobe website – which means you have continued access to the Member Resources, including those that are updated

Investment: We believe that $15 a month is a very reasonable price for this support program, designed specifically around MYWCS concepts. However: we’ve decided to bundle up the pricing and offer it to you as an easy one-off discounted fee of $57 – that’s 6 months for the price of only four!

My Life After MYWCS is not for everybody. It is only for alumni of the My Year Without Clothes Shopping (MYWCS) program who want to maximise their take-away’s from that program.

With weekly support and inspiration over a 6 month period, My Life After MYWCS embeds the concepts covered and layers the learnings from the amazing, unique Shop Your Wardrobe program.

Please note that one of the best time’s to sign up for this program is immediately after you have finished My Year Without Clothes Shopping (Week 52).  There’s little mileage in you joining before then as you will still be focused on MYWCS.

As soon as you have finished Week 52 of MYWCS, you can then sign up here for My Life After MYWCS at the low one-off price of $57.  We’d love to have you join us and continue the journey.

Important – After completing payment, make sure that you follow the prompts that return you back here to complete the registration process. Just follow the prompts – easy!