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Launching today!

I’m so excited to share with you my latest project and range of products.  What an incredibly creative and productive time I’ve had in bringing this idea to life over the last few months!

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The Project: Shop Less And Live More

My new project is all about living, not spending, your life, and is called Shop Less And Live More.  You can check it out here: Shop Less And Live More.

I’ve created 365 postcards to inspire people to shop less and live more.  One postcard for every day of the year!

These postcards are the product of my imagination and work and represent a lot of love, time, and energy.  They are also a contribution I dearly wanted to make to the movement of conscious consumption.

I wanted to share this central idea — that life, rich, full and happy – is found in the things we do, the people we love, and the contribution we make.  And that when we turn our attention to those things, instead of the acquisition of more and more things, our life does indeed become richer, fuller and happier.

And these postcards are my way of making that idea tangible.

Examples of the 365 postcards to inspire your life... instead of shopping

Examples of the 365 postcards to inspire your life… instead of shopping

You can access the postcards for free on the Home page – they change every day.  Or you can sign up for one of the two (2) paid products – the daily email series, or the e-book.

Accessing the postcards

There are three ways to access the e-postcards:

  1. Visit the website every day to find inspiration in the daily postcard on the home page.  All 365 postcards will appear on the Home page throughout the year, and access to them this way is free.
  2. Sign up for the paid daily email series, the first of our two paid products.  The email series delivers one postcard fresh into your inbox every day.
  3. You can also purchase the e-book, chock full of ideas and inspiration to live, not spend, your life every day.


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