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Debunking The Shopping Myth:

How shopping less can give you more style

Do you shop a lot for clothes but are finding it increasingly unfulfilling and stressful? 

Do you find yourself buying more and more clothes but never wearing many of them?

Do you shop continually for clothes, shoes and other items but never feel it’s ever ‘enough’?

If you do, you’re not alone.  Many women are finding that constant shopping is leaving them feeling empty and strangely unsatisfied.

If you are caught in the self-defeating cycle of constantly shopping for more, and are sick and tired of it, we can help you put shopping in its rightful place in your life.

Jill ChiversI’m Jill Chivers, the owner of this site and creator of the My Year Without Clothes Shopping suite of programs. If your shopping has spiralled out of control or you engage in constant and compulsive shopping, I can help you.

I used to spend a lot of money on clothes. And shoes. And accessories. I love clothes and have a converted bedroom as a walk-in wardrobe to prove it. In 2009, my life changed but my spending didn’t. I started to feel bad about what I was spending, and was spending thousands of dollars a year on stuff I simply did not need. Or even want.

On December 15 2009, I started an extreme challenge: a year without clothes shopping. That year changed my life and I created this website so you can start the journey of developing a healthier relationship to your shopping, your wardrobe and your wallet.

My Year Without Clothes Shopping offers a way to break the cycle of unconscious and compulsive shopping. For a fraction of what you’re spending now on clothes (many of which you likely aren’t wearing), you can learn the strategies, secrets and steps others have used to gain control of their shopping.

You can be free of the constant shopping bug

If your shopping has gotten out of hand, where you’re shopping for more and more, adding to an already full or overflowing closet, yet you’re wearing only a fraction of what you have – we can help.  We can show you how to tap into the hidden magic and mileage lurking in your closet so that you shop less, but have more outfit choices.

If you feel guilty or ashamed about your shopping, or you hide how much you’re shopping, it’s time to make a change to your shopping habits. It is possible to turn around an out of control shopping habit and develop a healthy attitude toward shopping. One where you’re in control and you only make conscious choices (no more emotion-fuelled compulsive purchases where you just “Have to have it!“). We can show you how.

If you want to stop the constant buying and buying but don’t know where to start, our programs will walk you through the steps to freeing yourself from the shopping albatross around your neck.

Imagine how liberated you’ll feel when you finally understand what drives your compulsion to shop and you can put shopping in its rightful place in your life!

Imagine only shopping when you choose to, and feeling great about every purchase you make – no more guilt, no more hiding your purchases, no more wondering why you even wanted this thing, hanging unloved and unworn in your closet.

If you have tried to stop shopping, or at least cut down, and it hasn’t worked, let us help you. We know what it takes to succeed in slaying your shopping dragon and have created programs that work.

Mannequins in shop window

Less shopping, more style

My Year Without Clothes Shopping offers a suite of programs to help you look stylish and feel great every day whilst also enjoying the sense of freedom and self-esteem that comes with being in control of your clothes shopping habits.

I know what it’s like to be hampered by a compulsive drive to shop, and the confusion and embarrassment that often accompanies this drive.

You deserve a rich and full life, and I can tell you first hand – that doesn’t come by shopping more or becoming a better shopper.

I’m Here to Help

Jill ChiversI’m Jill Chivers and I understand what it’s like to ‘shop til you drop’ and yet still feel it was never enough. I know how heavy that feeling is.  And I’m here to tell you it is possible to lay that burden down, to stop the constant shopping, and to reclaim your life.

Late 2009, I had one of those corner-turning, light bulb illuminating, AhA moments. You know those moments. This was a moment I had been avoiding for months, but this time, I looked it squarely in the eyes and came to the hard, cold realisation that I was spending far too much on clothes (and shoes, and bags, and belts, and earrings, and all other adornments for the body).

I acknowledged that I did not have a handle on my spending. I didn’t know why I spent like I did, and I was starting to feel bad about the new things I was buying.

I turned my situation around and I can help you do it too.  I’ve been there myself – I had my own Year Without Clothes Shopping and I know the ups and downs of that particular journey, first hand. This isn’t theory – it was my reality.

And I know how to design and deliver a program of this magnitude and quality, from my background and experience as a professional corporate facilitator, trainer and coach. In short – I’ve got the juice, and I’m in your corner (more about me on our About page).

I created these programs for you

I can help you create a healthier relationship to your shopping, your wardrobe and your wallet.

Check out our programs below for more information on how you can re-discover the sense of freedom and self-esteem that comes with being in control of your shopping habits.

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